Dyslexia awareness week offer

Dyslexia Awareness Week runs from Monday 2nd October to Sunday 8th October 2017. To celebrate this special week we are offering a massive 30% off to educators signing up to complete this Nessy Dyslexia Training course throughout October! – Just £19 per person!

Just enter the discount code: BRANSON when you sign up here: https://operationdiversity.wufoo.eu/forms/dyslexia-awareness-week-offer/

Key Features:

*Learn to identify & screen
*Practical intervention strategies
*2+ hours of training
*Completion certificate
*Certified by Bristol Dyslexia Centre
*Learn to accommodate children with dyslexia

The 6 dyslexia training modules cover:

Module 1. Dyslexia Explained
•Understand the general characteristics of dyslexia.
•Learn to identify warning signs for different age groups.
•Dispel common myths about dyslexia.

Module 2. Phonological Dyslexia
•Recognise phonological difficulties linked to dyslexia and effective strategies to overcome them.

Module 3. Working Memory and Dyslexia
•Understand the link between working memory and dyslexia.
•Test your own working memory and learn helpful strategies.

Module 4. Visual Process Dyslexia
•Explore visual processing dyslexia and related difficulties
•Learn practical classroom strategies.

Module 5. Auditory Processing Dyslexia
•Understand the role of auditory processing in dyslexia.

Module 6. How to Help
•Learn effective approaches to help children with dyslexia.
•Explore powerful learning strategies and assistive technology.
•Discover hidden strengths of students with dyslexia.

More info:

The training modules cover the identification of dyslexia, intervention strategies, accommodation and use of technology. Each module is followed by a short quiz to review key concepts and assess learning. The training can be accessed on smartphone, tablet or computer and takes at least two hours to complete. Time spent training is logged and recorded, so evidence can be provided if required. Upon finishing the training, each participant receives a certificate of completion.

Q. How long does the course take to complete?

The course will taken just a couple of hours to complete if you finish it all in one go but you can also login and complete modules as and when you have time. You will receive your login details on the st of November 2017 but you will have 12mths!.. You will be able to revisit any of the videos should you wish to during your access period.

Do we get a CPD certificate?

Yes, absolutely. When you have completed all modules you will be given access automatically to download and print a certificate to add to your CPD portfolio. The course is certified by the Bristol Dyslexia Association.

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