Halloween & Resignations

Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires & Resignations. In just over a month it will be the end of October, a date for ghosts, ghouls, vampires and for schools a further horror, teacher resignations. For any teacher wanting to leave their post at the close of December, the deadline for handing in their notice is October 31st.  This…

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Is Going to School Harmful to Children?

By Darren Jones New research from Queen Mary University in London has suggested that young children are absorbing large levels of black carbon particles which could cause major health problems now and in the future. 40 children were given monitors for 24 hours which found that children were absorbing tiny black carbon particles on their…

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Teachers pay rise

By Darren Jones Could the 2018/19 school year start out with strikes and other action from the Teachers’ Unions? As we approach the end of the school year the Department for Education is still working out how to deal with a major financial issue, Teacher Pay Rises. It is expected that the Independent School Teachers’…

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Teachers resignation date

By Darren Jones The final day for Teacher resignations this term is the end of the month, if you are looking for qualified Teachers to fill posts starting in September after the resignation deadline passes then do please get in touch. Schools are facing increasing pressures from all sides, but the stress of seeking qualified…

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Transfer Window

By Darren Jones The Transfer Deadline is a time of much excitement and speculation for football fans across the world as international transfers are arranged. Betting shops offer special odds and promotions as last-minute negotiations go down to the wire as the Transfer Window draws to a close.  For Schools, the transfer deadline is also…

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Teachers pay not the issue

By Darren Jones The Department for Education has long maintained that teachers are well paid and that wages are not behind teacher recruitment and retention problems that have seen teacher recruitment targets missed for five years in a row. This claim appears to be backed by a new report from the National Foundation for Educational…

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Primary teacher in the classroom

Become a supply teacher

Are you looking for a Teaching role that offers you more control over your schedule? A career where you are in control of when you work and where? One which will give you the chance to balance your work and home life?   If so then becoming a supply teacher may offer you the flexibility…

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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus


If you get a minute, could you throw out a little something for us little guys to eat, It’s so cold and no berries left on the bushes, the ground is hard, and the worms are smart, I look big but just fluffing up my feathers to try and trap some heat, thank you, lots…

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Recommend a teacher and receive £75

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