What Are The Benefits of Supply Teaching?

Supply teachers play a pivotal role in schools across the UK. The position itself tends to reflect that of a permanent teacher, but with added flexibility, extra opportunities to experience, and the freedom to choose long-term or short-term assignments.

Whether you’re contemplating the move to supply work, or considering the various routes you can take to improve your work/life balance, the best place to start is by reading through the benefits of supply teaching below.


It’s perhaps the main reason why thousands of teachers every year undertake supply work. You can work around family commitments or periods of travel, creating a satisfying work-life balance. Most schools require supply teachers to cover absences under a variety of planned and unplanned circumstances like sickness, training, maternity and unfilled teaching posts, so there are plenty of exciting opportunities landing on a daily basis.


As a supply teacher, you have the perfect opportunity to experience a variety of schools, subjects and teaching styles, and that’s why many experienced teachers use it as a means of revitalising their careers. Visiting different schools allows you to meet a broad spectrum of teachers and gain broader teaching experiences than most full-time teachers. If you haven’t experienced life in more than one or several schools, we highly recommend supply teaching as you can greatly improve your skillset and build even more confidence.


Many teachers nearing retirement desire more control over their diaries. Giving up the life of being a teacher is one of the toughest decisions, and for those who aren’t quite ready to sign off from teaching completely, supply teaching is the best bet. The flexibility of the role means you can accept jobs at the schools you enjoy most, making your final years as teaching as fun and flexible as possible.


Even after several years studying at university, it’s very difficult to know whether you see teaching as your long-term career. Many teachers fresh out of university begin as a supply teacher as it enables them to work in different schools, so that they can make an informed choice before settling into a permanent job that’s right for them. You also earn as you learn, developing important classroom management skills whilst boosting confidence early on, which will undoubtedly bode well for the future.


We know that for many teachers, it’s incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a classroom, but supply teaching means you can always retain a strong working relationship with a school you love, while experiencing other environments. You can also relocate to a different area of the UK or work overseas as a supply teacher, settling into your surroundings with regular work, wherever you are in the world.

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