Put Wednesday November 22nd in your diary

On Wednesday, November 22nd, Chancellor Philip Hammond will reveal his Autumn budget. While speculation is revolving around Stamp Duty and Pension Changes, the budget will also be carefully reviewed by Teachers across the country following the largest collective protest from school funding campaigners.

Head Teachers representing schools responsible for the education of over 3.5 million pupils across the country have written to the Chancellor over inadequate funding.

Calling for an extra £1.7bn per year, this is a response to funding cuts that a coalition of teachers’ unions announced will mean that 88% of schools will lose real terms funding between 2015 and 2020.

The Department of Education has said that steps have been taken to resolve the funding inequalities that have seen some schools with the same pupil sizes receive up to £3m difference in funding in different areas of the UK.

The Government has already provided an extra £1.3bn after the election but Heads and Unions are warning that if funding inequalities and real term decreases are not addressed, this will have a very real impact on education across the UK.

An extra £1.7bn will ensure that schools can:

  • Recruit Teachers.
  • Keep Class sizes down.
  • Ensure no subjects are withdrawn.
  • Keep Sixth Forms open.
  • Ensure Special Needs pupils get support.

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