World book day

World Book Day

The UK celebrates World Book Day today, a charitable event which since the 1990’s has worked to get a book into the hands of as many children around the world as possible. The official date for World Book Day is April 23rd, in the UK however it was moved to keep it out of the way of Easter holidays and St George’s Day. 

April 23rd was chosen because many notable authors were born or died on this date. Some famous names are Miguel de Cervantes, William Wordsworth, P. L. Travers, and William Shakespeare who has the distinction of being both born and dying on this date.

As parents across the UK dash around madly this morning putting together costumes for their children, Teach Agency would like to share with you our favourite books.

Ross – I’m a big fan of Andy McNab and this is where it all started, a true-life thriller from a real action hero and that the events in this book all happened make it twice as exciting. 

Emma – I love a good mystery and this is a good mystery that will keep you guessing throughout. The film is great but the book is where it’s at.

Darren – A gothic fantasy about books wrapped up in a good vs evil clash. Warning, this is written in a way that will make you say “just one more chapter” until you realise you’ve been up all night reading it.

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