Writing the best teaching CV

Writing the best teaching CV

Writing the best teaching CV is the first step towards securing your ideal teaching position. Knowing where to start can be the hardest part when writing you CV so we have developed a guide to help you on your journey towards that perfect  teaching job.


When you apply to a school or college the recruiting manager will cost likely be a member of the senior leadership team, the Head teacher. Head teachers are extremely busy so when they have the task of recruiting and going through CVs you have one chance to stand out from the crowd so make you teaching CV clean, to the point and not too long. We have listed key points to create the best teaching CV you can;

Two sides of A4 max

Two sides is the maximum a CV should be. If it is any longer than this, your audience will lose interest and move onto the next. Try not to ramble on and keep the content punchy.

Name and contact details

Make sure your name and contact details are at the top of the page and easily displayed. If the Head teacher wants to call you in for an interview you wan to make this as easy a task as possible. There is no need to have CV in massive bold text. The school will know its a CV.

Font size

You do not want to have the font size too small or too big. Too small and they will need a microscope to read and too big you won’t be able to get the key information in.

Check and double check

There is nothing worse than opening a CV in word / pages and finding spelling or punctuation mistakes on the page. This is the quickest way for a head teacher to be put off a CV. Check, check again and get a friend to check.


Use the same font throughout the whole CV and try not to use boxes as this may look great on your version but once opening on a different computer it can look terrible. Keep it clean.

Your qualifications

There is no need to list every GCSE you passed and failed. If you got 6 A – C you say “6 GCSE’s achieved grade A – C”


Keep your interests relevant to the position you are applying for. If you are going for a Pe position make sure your interested are in line with this.


This is down to the individual. If you are applying to jobs whilst still in employment it is ok to write “references available on request. At the same time it is fine to line your last two employers.

CV structure

  • Summary
  • Career history
  • Relevant experience
  • qualifications
  • interestes
  • references

If you would like Teach Agency to have a look through your CV please forward it onto register@teachagency.co.uk

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